Hello! We’re very glad to see you here!

We are the creative family and a team: Vadym and Liudmyla Soloviov’s. Our artistic collective creates qualitative photo and video products. We cooperate with advanced photobanks, shooting photos and footages productively. We find inspiration in everyday life. It’s in family and friends, work and entertainment, recreation and travel, sports and active lifestyle. Presently we’re trying ourselves in food and real estate photography.

Not stopping on accomplished, we’re always open to anything new – to people, meetings, communication, places and projects.

Feel free to contact us with any suggestion and we’d thoughtfully consider it.



 If you don't have life target you'll work for the one who has it.

Dr.Robert Anthony


We’re glad to have you here at our web page Creative Photo Team! Greetings to everybody who’s decided to peek in here!


Our Creative Photo Team wants to share a bit of our art at this site, photo and video creations, our perception and sensation of the world, our thoughts, ideas and experience!

Why is it called Creative Photo Team?

Because we’re a real team! And everybody does their own work, but separately we lose power and inspiration. But altogether we’re an originative strength!

Let’s get to know each other and make friends!


Vadym Soloviov is our creative CEO.  He’s an eternal engine and unquenchable source of energy. At the same time he shoots and directs short footages, helps as a photographer’s assistant at photo sessions, being the right and the left photographer’s hand as well as an impeccable model. If you have an utterly crazy idea you can simply talk to Vadym, because he isn’t familiar with a word “impossible”.


And the person writing is me, my name is Liudmyla, photographer, retoucher and the art director, alongside housewife, mother and spouse. Also a raging critic and skeptic.

 Our children are Ivan and Michael (both boys)!


Michael is studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He accomplishes all the translations for our team. Having a rather serious major Mechanical Engineering doesn’t stand in the way of being fond of music, photography, painting, learning languages and long-distance running. How does it feel, to study and live abroad? What’s easy and interesting? And what’s difficult and unpleasant on the contrary? Wanna know? Ask Michael, he’s got some of his own experience in the area.  smiley


Ivan (affectionately Vanya, Vanyusha) is a “golden” head! He’s our little laborious model, hyperactive muse for a mother-photographer, kaleidoscope of characters and moods without false or pretense. A “LEGO” constructor aficionado, fearless traveler, karateka, skier and roller, he brings a tad of creative mess to our environment.


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And our four-legged family member is a beagle called Eli. Charismatic model, optimist and adventurer, he’s never fully calm, busy with generating good mood.

We love our friends, guests and new encounters. Travelling and active lifestyle attracts us above measure, all the world in its diversity and beauty.

Let’s get acquainted! Come to see what’s new in here, read us, contact us with any proposition !